Founder member and Principal Consultant of AllOne Corporate Solutions, Sinéad Byrne, BBS, H.Dip SPHE, has over 20 years’ experience in the Health Services. For over 12 years, Sinéad worked in the area of Freedom of Information (FOI) as FOI Officer and Decision Maker and Data Protection (DP) as Data Controller in the HSE South. As Regional Manager, her role included training and support to FOI and DP Decision Makers and Internal Reviewers, liaison with Office of the Information Commissioner and Data Protection Commissioner on all aspects of compliance with both pieces of legislation and providing expert support to Decision Makers handling difficult requests.

In 2005 Sinéad presented a paper at the National FOI Conference organised by Trinity College Law Department; this paper was subsequently published in the book entitled “Freedom of Information: Law and Practice” published by First Law in 2006 and edited by Estelle Feldman. 

Sinéad’s HSE role also included compliance with Part 9 of the Health Act 2004; this requires the HSE and agencies operating under Service Agreements to have a complaint policy in place.


To assist organisations to comply with their legal requirements under the Freedom of Information Act 2014, the General Data Protection Regulations and to improve record management practices. 


To support organisations to operate in an open and transparent manner, to help them to improve governance through improved record-keeping and ensure robust record management practices underpin their business.


We provide a full suite of training including advanced and indepth training on the FOI Act 2014 for Decision Makers, Internal Reviewers and FOI Officers; high level training for all staff and Management on the principles and implications of FOI; advanced and indepth training on the General Data Protection Regulations for Data Controllers and Data Access Officers; high level training for all staff and Management on the principles of Data Protection and its implications; training for Complaint Officers and those managing complaints in your organisation including managing difficult complaints and complainants. Other services include advice and support on complex requests under the FOI and DP Acts, processing of requests under the FOI and DP Acts on behalf of your organisation; advice and support to Complaint Officers on managing difficult and complex issues; policy development in the area of compliance with the FOI and DP Acts including Confidentiality, CCTV, Access Requets and Consent; Complaint Policy development; development of information leaflets for clients and service users and development of Client Charter. To discuss any of the above services, please call or email - go to "Contact Us" for details.

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